Vox Pop interviews

A vox pop interview is a journalistic contribution, for which the same question is put to different people. People or passersby are being asked about their opinion, experience or knowledge on a subject and a broadcast like piece is produced out of it.

Get to know your target group better by approaching them directly


What you should know as well about Vox Pop:


  • Vox pop interviews are a great alternative to testimonial videos and can be used for example as customers recommendation.

  • The final video shows customer focus and real customer feedback which makes it a terrific marketing tool.

  • The traget group can be reached directly  – whether it is geographically or by gender and age group. 

  • At the same time vox pop interviews are useful if you need to get more inside into your target group's needs, ideas and inclinations - for example to exactly position a new campaign for a product or service.

  • With the help of vox pop interviews a company receives fast and precise feedback nationally and internationally.

  • A vox pop interview as a journalistic piece has to be featured in a way that the viewer feels it is informative and entertaining. 

  • Vox pop interviews are perfectly suited for social media campaigns, television and radio.


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