Video productions for the highest marketing requirements

The video agency Midday Film produces high quality corporate videos  for global groups, big and medium sized companies and international start-ups.

We are specialised in the production of corporate videos, recruitment films, testimonial videos and commercials. In addition we have created very successful social media campaigns.

Here are some of our clients and projects:

Filmed Zoom Interview - Company meeting during Covid

We filmed a Zoom interview at Parexel's  Berlin branch for Gett. Important was adherence to Covid hygiene regulations and the operator wore an FFP2 mask and used disinfectant for equipment and hands.
Quality of footage and audio were of utmost importance. We shot with two 4K cameras (Sony A7R3) and premium lenses (Sony 70-200 mm, F2.4 ) and positioned two mobile studio lights. The audio was recorded with a Zoom H6, Rode Lavalier mics and Rode NTG3.

Post production for BCG Digital Ventures Research films  

Post production including color corrections, grading and audio corrections was to be done within a tight deadline.

Of course we took on that challenge and finished the production successfully.

purelivin logo.png

Event film for Purelivin at Bautec in February 2020

At Bautec 2020 the  Midday Film team accompanied Pure Livin for the production of an event film.

Whether it was a Sales talk , shaking hands or a winning smile, we could capture dynamic and emotional footage featuring the success of PureLivin's trade show appearance. 

In Post production the footage was edited and delivered as several videos for the PureLivin website as well as their Social Media channels.

Filming research surveys for Firefish in Berlin and Munich

Firefish needed discussion groups filmed and audio recorded. In each city the set up in large conference rooms consisted of a large desk and several chairs for the participants. 

It was important  even though footage  and audio was meant to be premium quality not to interrupt or disturb the flow of the live talks.

2_Deutsche Bank logo white with transpar

Recruitment videos for Deutsche Bank

Midday Film has produced discerning recruitment videos as well as testimonial videos for Deutsche Bank in Berlin. The production included shooting and post-production.
Our film team has been filming interviews with employees and management over several days in several locations around Berlin and Potsdam.

2 DIHK logo white with transparent backg

Testimonial videos for DIHK

For DIHK Midday Film video productions has filmed  AHK country representatives and directors attending the AHK Weltkonferenz 2018 in Berlin.  
For these DIHK testimonial videos Midday Film Agentur took over part of the pre-production, shooting and post-production. 

To get strong statements and visually  appealing pictures a visual concept of the set up and shots was prepared in pre-production. During the shoot the interviewer supported the process by asking targeted questions.

In post-production our team branded the 90 seconds videos with a professional outro.

Pre-Production for  Hodder & Stoughton

For the British publishing house Hodder & Stoughton of the  Hachette UK Group  Midday Film has done pre-production services for the video language course "Willkommen!". Here we scouted locations, casted protagonists, got filming permissions, scheduled the shoots, prepared routes and set things up on site.

Vattenfall logo white with transparent b

Testimonial video for Vattenfall

For the energy giant Vattenfall Midday Film has produced a testimonial video around the subject of energy efficiency. Midday Film has taken over part of the pre-production, the production on site as well as post-production.

The protagonists are real consumers, visitors of the fair as well as employees of Vattenfall. The task was to capture positive and honest feedback. The piece had to be edited to a length of 190 minutes. In post we also added text animation, branding and English subtitles.

TV episodes for AOK

For Germany's biggest health insurer Midday Film has produced several episodes of "Bleib Gesund", a health format with health tips and insides into AOK services. Parts of the format were event films, interviews, statements and testimonials. 

All shoots were done by one camera operator.
In post-production the different contributions were assembled and bedded into the branded intro and outro.

Post-production for ESL

The worldwide biggest E-sports company ESL has commissioned Midday Film with Live post-production at the Gamescom in Cologne. 

Part of this exciting project was to edit event streamings, entertaining talk shows and different vox pop interviews right away so that they could be streamed on Twitch (Amazon) in broadcast quality the same day. 

Testimonial videos for Midaxo

For the global start-up Midaxo our corporate video production has shot testimonials in Amsterdam over 2 days. 

Afterwards our post-production team has edited each testimonial providing graphics and adding the Midaxo branding as well as a suitable corporate sound to convey Midaxo's  marketing message successfully.

Corporate video for Unser Klima GmbH
For our Australian client Unser Klima we produced several shorts and a corporate video pitching the company's product by explaining the problem and introducing a solution showcasing the product. The corporate video is geared towards a target audience of motor vehicle owners aged between 25-34 years.

In addition we are working on several social media campaign videos.

 In post-production we often produce bilingual (German and English).

For optimum video marketing videos are packaged with branding and frequently with a call to action.

Livestream, talking heads interviews & post-production for ILA Airshow Berlin 

At the ILA Airshow Berlin 2018  Midday Film has taken on the live stream and production of several video formats.

We accompanied the ILA Future Lab on six days doing the live streaming, shooting interviews and talks for example with the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Franz Josef Pschierer .

At the Midday Film ILA studio a "Best of" was cut and published by the end of each day.

Social media video marketing for Spacebase GmbH

The Berlin start-up Spacebase has worked with Midday Film for the production of a web series.

The web series was produced for English speakers. It was important to show the fun factor in each episode as well as to picture the beauty of each location to bring a positive marketing message across.The video series was shot in different locations over several days. 
In post-production our team has added animations, sound effects and branding.

Farmfolio logo.png

Event film production for Farmfolio

Farmfolio wanted to be filmed at the Fruit Logistica Berlin 2019. Next to several interviews we filmed b-roll and best moments like the singing of contracts.

Out of the material the interviews and a 2 minutes event video featuring Farmfolio's best moments and their clients at the trade show was produced, which will be used to introduce Farmfolio to investors.

Funke Mediengruppe white with transparen
Axel Springer white logo with transparen
bild plus logo.jpg

Various video productions  for Axel Springer Medien & Funke Medien Gruppe

Midday Film has produces various shorts for Axel Springer publications in Die Welt and B.Z.. 

These were contributions to recent news topics containing talking heads interviews and city coverage.

Bild Plus publishes teasers for our new documentary series which will be distributed to on demand services as well.

For Funke Medien Gruppe we produced several entertainment formats which were broadcasted on Funke Medien's different theme channels. 

Video productions for Amazon Prime 

For Germany's biggest VoD provider Amazon Prime Midday Film produced various reality series and shorts, such as interviews with fashion designers Kilian Kerner & Marina Hoermannseder and a city guide.