What is a great corporate video?

A great corporate video portraits a brand, company or organisation and its culture with a positive image to increase awareness and popularity. Whether it is a video for external and/or internal communication or a recruiting video, that is done by giving the consumer a better understanding about the offered products or services  as well as conveying company intentions and values. Next to information and facts the visuals and audio of a corporate film are there to evoke emotions and engage the target audience. 


Portrait a memorable and positive image


Here is what you should also know about a corporate video:


  • A corporate video  has an ideal length of  6 to 10 minutes. That is why it is important that the viewer gets a positive impression within a relatively short period of time. 

  • Whether the company, organisation, brand, product or services take centre stage, it will always be about introducing the viewer to it in a way that creates trust and engagement in a non-commercial way.

  • A great corporate video therefore will not be perceived as advertisement but as an informational tool. It entertains the viewer. It is emotional and connects with the target group. 

  • The style of speech is informative or has s suggestive tonality. It depends on whether the viewer is supposed to receive more information or whether the message is aimed to be mainly image  building.

  • So can for example a development process of a product or a service as well as connected benefits and advantages be portrayed in a corporate video.

  • A corporate video can be integrated into the corporate identity for example the corporate website, social media or at a trade fair stand. Internally the video can be used for training purposes and presentations.


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What is a recruitment video?


Video-recruiting and video employer branding is an  employer tool used for recruitment of  highly qualified and skilled employees and specialists.  As an employees or career video it introduces the company or organisation as an attractive employer to potential employees. It creates attention and engagement and increases the number of highly qualified applicants who can also identify with the company culture. In addition  recruitment films can explain a range of specific duties and jobs.

With a recruitment video an employer establishes the desired company and brand image for employees.


Present your company as an attraktive employer with video employer branding  


What else you should know about recruitment videos:


  • For recruitment videos applies the same. Films are better kept short and entertaining. Important is though, that with positive  representation the content is brought across with certain stylistic tools of journalism to make it believable and authentic for the viewer. 

  • In addition the target group has to be identified specifically by qualification, age and experience. 

  • A successful recruiting video shows both, professional and career opportunities as well as available soft skills like company values, atmosphere and work-life balance.

  • In interviews employees talk convincingly and authentically about their work field and experience. Exciting story-telling engages the viewer and connects the viewer emotionally with the company.

  • If the recruitment film is supposed to establish a positive image in the first place, then the employer branding and company benefits are being portrayed first and foremost. 

  • Recruitment videos are mainly published online, for example on the company website, social media and on employer rating portals.

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What is a testimonial video?


In Advertising a testimonial consists of a written and a spoken statement, which describes the value, benefits and uniqueness of a product or service. For that matter it is a field report, a success story or an interview situation, which is aimed to increase authenticity and reliability of a product or a service. In video marketing testimonials are also used to increase brand awareness. For testimonials the fact that people invest more attention and feelings when it comes to other people is used.Thereby people identify themselves more with the product and are increasingly encouraged to buy.

Pictures with "real" people, celebrities or mascots 


Here is what else to know about testimonial videos:


  • With testimonial videos advertising for precise features or services is often secondary. Much more is the brand being connected with the person promoting it. 

  • The centre statement hereby is the commitment to the product or service with the goal to increase and prolong memo value for a company or brand. That leads in turn to heightened identification and purchasing desire.

  • Especially with celebrity testimonials the affinity or popularity towards a person is used to transport authenticity to the target group and create trust. (e.g. George Clooney for Nescafe). 

  • That can also be achieved by an"expert" talking about a special field in a personal way (e.g. the washing machine maintenance man for Calgon) or "people like you and I" (e.g. Ms. Summer about  Jacobs  coffee) 

  • A mascot could be an advertising medium too ( e.g. gecko for Geico or Mr. Proper for Mr. Clean Procter & Gamble ). In addition company chief  executives (e.g. Hipp-baby food) or employees can have a say. Also babies, children and animals (e.g. Toyota monkey) are used for testimonials. 

  • The viewer connects the people /mascots from the testimonial video with your company.  

  • Testimonials are placed in online Marketing campaigns, press, radio and television. 


Video agency: For increased identification and purchasing desire


For a testimonial video there are no basic formal principles. However, or even because of that, a structured and well planned production is crucial: started by finding a creative idea over to the concept and pre-production to shoot and post-production.


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